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The organization of the EASS 2013 congress in Cordoba (Spain) calls social researchers and colleagues to analyze the European Society from the sport point of view. We will have the pleasure of host you and we will facility the best circumstances for academic interest. 


In Cordoba old city it can be seen some buildings from the ancient Rome and Cordoba Caliphate during the Muslim époque. The inhabitants of the city became around one million people during the tenth century, becoming the largest city, educated and affluent worldwide. The “zocos”, mosques, libraries and Arabic’s baths were abundant in the city. The old city was declared a Word Heritage site by Unesco in 1994. It is possible to visit numerous archeological remains such as Romans, Jews, Arabs and other traditional of the Andalusian culture itself, as the traditional “patios” which are small gardens with flowers and a fountain in the middle. The city is well known for traditional Spanish architecture, gastronomy and flamenco.


Cordoba is also very well communicated with the cities of Madrid, Cadiz, Malaga, Seville and Granada, having a large and complete line of transportation by train and bus to all of these destinations.


The Congress Palace is located in the old city of Cordoba just opposite the old and large Muslim mosque, close to the Guadalquivir River. The building was built in 1513. The core of the building is arranged around a porticoed courtyard with galleries of Islamic art. There is a conference room with capacity for 500 people and eight extra work rooms which can accommodate between 40 and 200 people. Other spaces are available for organizing the conference and there is also a cafeteria. Click here for futher information.


The economic crisis in Europe requires a new sports model. Sports policies were traditionally characterized by problems of scarcity: But the current situation requires more economic adjustment in many countries. This forces to think of new strategies for the development of sport. Society is in the sport as the sport is in society. It is important to consider what role the sport should have in the current context. Sociology is a necessary path through which experiences and ideas contribute to the new European situation.


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Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Córdoba


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